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Social influence and safe behavior in manufacturing
This research presents a model designed to explore the cognitive and social mechanisms that mediate the relationship between organizational safety climate and safety behaviors. Specifically the presented research demonstrates the usefulness of Sussmann and Vecchio (1982) social influence interpretation of worker motivation to understand safety motivation. Survey data was collected from 428 employees in seven factories within the electronics industry in China. The data were analyzed using structural modelling. The results suggest that factory workers with more knowledge about the products, organization...
Leadership and worker engagement in the ports industry
HSE’s 2014 Approved Code of Practice (ACOP) on Safety in Docks (L148) was developed through close consultation with employer and employee representatives. It is designed to address both the larger end of the industry and those working in small harbours and highlights the importance of leadership and full workforce involvement. Worker engagement goes beyond consultation and refers to the extent to which workers contribute to decisions that affect their health and safety. Leaders play an important role by engaging the workforce to achieve safe and healthy conditions. This qualitative study...
Negotiating safety practice in small construction companies
Small construction companies have high rates of work related injuries and pervasive challenges in preventing them. This article examines safety practice from the employee perspective, taking into account the role of the owner–manager and interactions with customers in everyday work settings. Data were derived from a qualitative multi-case study of ten small construction companies (carpentry/plumbing/masonry) involving one or two-man work crews. The analytic approach is phenomenological, based on thematic content analysis of interviews and participant-observations. The employees' general...
Discuter du travail pour mieux le transformer
Le besoin de réinitier des temps de débat dans les entreprises n'est plus contesté. La mise en œuvre d'espaces de discussion coconstruits, centrés sur l'expérience du travail, constitue un levier intéressant d'innovation sociale et d'action sur les organisations. Les chercheurs relèvent la nécessité d'une mise en discussion du travail au sein de l'entreprise, pour transformer le travail, penser les tensions, prévenir les risques... Source: Travail & Changement , janvier-février-mars...
What works for you - How to help colleagues through tough times?
It can be hard to know what to do when someone you work with is going through a tough time or has a mental health problem. But knowing how to support your colleague can make a huge difference to how they cope. This booklet outlines how you can help and suggests where to go for further advice. Source :

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