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Addressing Occupational Violence
An overview of conceptual and policy considerations viewed through a gender lens This report reviews the international literature and a selection of regulatory instruments with respect to occupational violence - work-related violence involving incidents in which a person is physically, psychologically or sexually assaulted, threatened, harassed, bullied or mobbed in circumstances relating to their work. This definition covers a broad range of actions and behaviours that can create a risk to the health and safety of employees. This report provides an overview of policy strategies addressing the...
Recommandations pour la surveillance médicoprofessionnelle des travailleurs postés et/ou de nuit
Les recommandations de bonne pratique (RBP) sont définies dans le champ de la santé comme des propositions développées pour aider le praticien et le patient à rechercher les soins les plus appropriés dans des circonstances cliniques données. Elles sont le résultat de synthèses de l'état de l'art et des données de la science à un temps donné. Concernant le travail posté et/ou de nuit, le bénéfice escompté de ces RBP est l'amélioration et l'harmonisation de...
Prevention is the Best Medicine
Prevention is the Best Medicine is a toolkit designed for settlement agencies and others to teach newcomers to Ontario about (1) occupational health and safety (OHS), and (2) workers' compensation. The toolkit contains everything needed to deliver instructional sessions on these two separate, but related, topics within an Ontario context. Included are sample lesson plans and slide show presentations for workshop leaders, as well as handouts for participating newcomers. Source :

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