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Workplace interventions to improve work ability
A systematic review and meta-analysis of their effectiveness Objective: Extended working lives due to an ageing population will necessitate the maintenance of work ability across the life course. This systematic review aimed to analyze whether workplace interventions positively impact work ability. Methods: We searched Medline, PsycINFO, CINAHL and Embase databases using relevant terms. Work-based interventions were those focused on individuals, the workplace, or multilevel (combination). Work ability – measured using the work ability index (WAI) or the single-item work ability score (WAS...
Déconstruire l’approche par les générations
La notion de génération représente-t-elle une façon pertinente d'aborder la question des relations entre l'âge et le travail, la santé et le parcours professionnel des salariés ? Réponse dans le nouveau numéro de la revue des conditions de travail. Source:
Occupational health literacy and work-related injury among U.S. adolescents
Building on the concept of 'health literacy' used in the U.S., we developed an analogous measure specific to safety in the workplace labeled 'occupational health literacy' (OHL) and investigated whether OHL is a protective factor against work-related injury (WRI) among adolescents. Using cross-sectional survey data from 2262 14 to 18-year olds in five high schools across the US, we found that OHL (level of occupational safety and health (OSH) information and training received combined with knowledge and awareness of OSH information and concepts) is positively associated with WRI...

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