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Diverse cultures at work: ensuring safety and health through leadership and participation
The differences between cultures are helpful in understanding discrepancies when several nationalities are working together. Cross-cultural studies describe characteristics of cultures and differences between different cultures. Therefore, the cross-cultural literature is very helpful in describing general differences that may occur in multinationals, as well as in multicultural teams. In this report the focus is on managing cultural diversity in occupational safety and health, i.e. aspects of leadership and participation that benefit multicultural work teams. Source :
Occupational safety in multicultural teams and organizations: A research agenda
Safety is an important issue in the workplace, in particular at the lower end of the labor market where the workforce often consists of people with different cultural backgrounds. Studies have underlined the potential threats to occupational safety of this workforce. Surprisingly, however, very little research has been conducted on national culture and occupational safety. In this paper, we examine how national culture may play a role in important antecedents of safety behavior that have identified in the meta-analysis of Christian et al. (2009). We discuss safety knowledge, safety motivation,...
Chinese temporary workers bring unsafe mining culture, union says
An influx of temporary foreign workers into British Columbia’s mining sector is taking jobs from Canadian workers and making the mines more dangerous, according to the organizing body for British Columbia trade unions. In an open letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the Bargaining Council of BC Building Trade Unions argues that the planned importation of Chinese workers this week by Canadian Dehua International Mines Group Inc. is a strategy for the companies to employ lower-paid employees who are not familiar with Canadian mine safety culture and regulations [...] Source: http://www...
Ethnic and gender differences in farm tasks and safety practices among rural California farm youth
Agricultural work is hazardous and is common among rural youth, especially those living on farms or ranches. Previous work has shown differences in farm work and injury patterns between boys and girls, but little data exist addressing ethnic differences. This study examined ethnic and gender differences in farm tasks, safety attitudes, and use of protective measures among rural California youth working on farms or ranches. The University of California, Davis Youth Agricultural Injury Study is a longitudinal study focusing on agricultural work experience among youth enrolled in an agricultural sciences...
Work safety climate and safety practices among immigrant Latino residential construction workers
BACKGROUND: Latino residential construction workers experience high rates of occupational fatality and injury. Work safety climate is an especially important consideration for improving the safety of these immigrant workers. This analysis describes work safety climate among Latino residential construction workers, delineates differences in work safety climate by personal and employment characteristics, and determines associations of work safety climate with specific work safety behaviors. METHODS: Data are from a cross-sectional survey of 119 Latino residential framers, roofers, and general construction...
Social marketing to plan a fall prevention program for Latino construction workers
BACKGROUND: Latino construction workers experience disparities in occupational death and injury rates. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration funded a fall prevention training program at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in response to sharp increases in fall-related accidents from 2005 to 2007. The grant's purpose was to improve fall protection for construction workers, with a focus on Latinos. This study assessed the effectiveness of social marketing for increasing fall prevention behaviors. METHODS: A multi-disciplinary team used a social marketing approach to plan the program...

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