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Demographic differences in safety proactivity behaviors and safety management in Chinese small-scale enterprises
The study examines demographic differences in safety proactivity behaviors (i.e., safety whistleblowing, safety voice, and safety initiative) and safety procedure, safety management, and safety hazards identification. The data was collected from 503 employees in Chinese small–scale enterprises by using one–way ANOVA. The results showed that safety proactivity behaviors were significantly correlated with age groups, safety initiative with education level, and safety management with gender. Safety procedure, safety management and safety hazards identification were significantly correlated...
Prevalence and demographic differences in microaccidents and safety behaviors among young workers in Canada
INTRODUCTION: The present study examines the self-reported frequency of non-lost work time workplace injuries ("microaccidents") and the frequency of three types of work-related safety behaviors (i.e., safety voice, safety compliance, and safety neglect) recalled over a four-week period. METHOD: We analyzed data on microaccidents and safety behaviors from 19,547 young workers (aged 15-25years, Mdn=18years; 55% male) from multiple Canadian provinces. RESULTS: Approximately one-third of all young workers recalled experiencing at least one microaccident at work in the last four weeks. Comparisons...

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