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Firefighter attitudes, norms, beliefs, barriers, and behaviors toward post-fire decontamination processes in an era of increased cancer risk
Firefighters' are exposed to carcinogens such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) during fires and from their personal protective equipment (PPE). Recent research has shown that decontamination processes can reduce contamination on both gear and skin. While firefighter cultures that honor dirty gear are changing, little is known about current attitudes and behaviors toward decontamination in the fire service. Four hundred eighty-five firefighters from four departments completed surveys about their attitudes, beliefs, perceived norms, barriers, and...
Transfert entre générations : le cas des savoirs de prudence
Les démarches de transfert des savoirs d'expérience portent en général sur les savoirs métiers. Elles visent à faciliter la transmission des "tours de main", des savoir-faire critiques pour l'entreprise. Mais elles peuvent également couvrir le domaine de la santé et la sécurité au travail. On parle alors de savoirs de prudence. Extrait du dossier sur les démarches "TSE". Source :
New recruit safety expectations
Relationships with trust and perceived job risk Very little research has examined the safety expectations of new recruits, particularly those of individuals about to enter full-time work for the first time. There is evidence that new recruits have proportionally more accidents in the first period of their employment. One possible explanation for this is that the safety expectations of new recruits do not match the reality of the workplace they are about to enter. In Study 1 data on workplace safety expectations were collected from 142 final year high school students from six schools. Study 2 collected...

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