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Demographic differences in safety proactivity behaviors and safety management in Chinese small-scale enterprises
The study examines demographic differences in safety proactivity behaviors (i.e., safety whistleblowing, safety voice, and safety initiative) and safety procedure, safety management, and safety hazards identification. The data was collected from 503 employees in Chinese small–scale enterprises by using one–way ANOVA. The results showed that safety proactivity behaviors were significantly correlated with age groups, safety initiative with education level, and safety management with gender. Safety procedure, safety management and safety hazards identification were significantly correlated...
Developing understanding of target audiences
Amongst the planned activities of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) for 2009/10, a significant element is aimed at reaching and influencing two different audiences with regards to LEV (Local Exhaust Ventilation). These audiences are: supply-side stakeholders; and SME businesses that use LEV to control their employees' exposure to hazardous substances. To inform these activities, a qualitative research study was carried out with users and suppliers of LEV equipment in April, May and June 2009. Source :

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