What could make a difference to the mental health of UK doctors?

A review of the research evidence
Doctors are at considerable risk of work-related stress, burnout and mental health problems such as depression and anxiety. The risk is greater than that of the general working population and is increasing over time in line with the growing demands and complexity of the job, a faster pace of work and diminishing resources.
The risk of suicide, especially among general practitioners, psychiatrists and trainees, and among women, is high compared to the general population.
General practitioners are more vulnerable to burnout (particularly emotional exhaustion), work-related stress and common mental health problems than doctors in most other specialities. This has been linked to the increased demands placed on primary care along with diminishing financial and staffing resources.
Trainee and junior doctors are also at particular risk of mental health problems. Of particular concern is the evidence that many doctors are experiencing symptoms of burnout and distress so early in their career.

Source: https://www.som.org.uk/sites/som.org.uk/files/What_could_make_a_difference_to_the_mental_health_of_UK_doctors_LTF_SOM.pdf

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