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Australian Work Exposure Study (AWES) - Carcinogen Exposures Construction Industry
A random, population-based sample of 5528 Australian workers participated in the Australian Work Exposure Study (AWES). Workers answered questions about the tasks they completed and the controls used at work. Based on their responses to those questions, the likelihood of exposure to 38 known or suspected carcinogens was estimated. The AWES focused on the most common tasks performed at work. Workers were not asked directly about their exposures to carcinogens and exposure levels were not measured in the workplace. This report describes the responses provided by 459 AWES participants categorised...
Fatalities due to dichloromethane in paint strippers: A continuing problem
Background Exposure to dichloromethane (DCM or methylene chloride - CH2Cl2) in paint strippers continues to be an avoidable source of morbidity and mortality. DCM has been under regulatory scrutiny by occupational and consumer product agencies since the identification of its carcinogenicity in the mid-1980s. Methods We investigated two independent workplace incidents that resulted in three cases of DCM intoxication from paint stripper use. Results Each incident investigated resulted in a fatality. A third worker suffered obtundation requiring hospitalization and intubation. Conclusions The continued...

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