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Study on reprotoxic chemicals
A range of legislative instruments are in place at EU level to manage and minimise the risks from occupational exposure to carcinogenic, mutagenic and reprotoxic substances. Carcinogenic chemicals can cause or promote cancers. Mutagenic chemicals can cause genetic mutations. Reprotoxic chemicals can damage the reproductive process. This study assesses a number of options for moderning the current EU legislation, in particular regarding reprotoxic chemicals Source:
New HSE guidance on Nanotechnology and updated website
HSE has produced new guidance aimed at employers, health and safety managers and SMEs who use or manufacture nanomaterials. The guidance is based on the generic principles of COSHH and good control practice and includes information on a range of nanomaterials. The nanotechnology website has also been updated and now includes information on the toxicological properties of nanomaterials. Source : -

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