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Workers' asthma and respiratory symptoms at a soy processing facility
The Health Hazard Evaluation (HHE) Programme evaluated workers' asthma and respiratory symptoms at a soy processing facility. Investigators found that some dust concentrations in the air exceeded current occupational exposure limits. Investigators recommended respiratory protection for all workers with work-related asthma and, if that is ineffective, relocating those workers to lower exposure areas. Source:
Occupational Asthma-Targeting the Chemical Culprits
More than 330 substances are known or suspected to cause or exacerbate asthma, according to a recent report from the Massachusetts Toxic Use Reduction Institute (TURI). The report highlighted the fact "Much of the evidence (for identifying these substances) comes from workers exposed in the workplace."
Multifaceted Approach to Assess Indoor Environmental Quality
Of new-onset asthma cases in adults, 15–23% are work-related asthma [American Thoracic Society 2004] The highest percentage of work-related asthma occurred among operators, fabricators, and laborers (32.9%) [Worker Health Chartbook 2004] Between 35 and 60 million of the 89 million indoor environment workers have building-related symptoms of eye, nose, and throat irritations or headache and fatigue [Mendell 2002] The points above very briefly highlight some of the issues related to indoor environmental quality. It has been estimated that indoor environmental quality-related health issues cost...
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