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Measuring and controlling emissions from polymer filament desktop 3D printers
Affordable desktop 3D printers are being widely used in businesses, schools and colleges. Some of these printers use filaments to deposit polymer through a heated nozzle to build three dimensional objects. This type of desktop printer is generally unenclosed and some published studies have raised concerns that they may release potentially harmful fumes and particles. The scientific evidence base on exposures and potential health endpoints is being developed internationally. This report describes initial research in a laboratory setting to a) measure emissions of particulates and volatile organic...
Occupational exposure to benzene, toluene, xylene and styrene and risk of prostate cancer in a population-based study
Objectives: While several monocyclic aromatic hydrocarbons are classified as definite or possible carcinogens to humans, little data exist on their role in prostate cancer (PCa). We examined occupational exposure to benzene, toluene, xylene (BTX) and styrene and PCa risk in a population-based case–control study in Montreal, Canada. Methods: Cases aged ≤75 years diagnosed with PCa in 2005–2009 (n=1920) and population controls frequency-matched on age (n=1989) provided detailed work histories. Experts evaluated the certainty, frequency and concentration of exposure to monocyclic aromatic...
Mise en oeuvre manuelle des polyesters stratifiés
Cette brochure est conçue comme un guide et un document de référence pour la conception, la réception, la conduite et le contrôle des installations de ventilation dans un atelier de polyesters stratifiés. Dans ce guide pratique de ventilation, sont abordés les points suivants : - Généralités sur les matières premières, le niveau de risque, le polluant principal (styrène), le moulage au contact. - Méthodologie d'étude du système de ventilation. - Conception du système de ventilation...

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