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Captage des fumées de bitume
Vers une évolution des finisseurs Comment améliorer la protection des travailleurs contre les fumées de bitume, lorsque celui-ci est appliqué sur les chaussées ? À cette question, un groupe de travail composé de différents organismes apporte une réponse : intégrer des systèmes de captage aux finisseurs. Cet article présente les principales conclusions des travaux menés par ce groupe. Source:
Standardisation of the measurement of capture efficiency of on-gun extraction for welding
The inhalation of welding fume is recognised as being a real threat to workers' health due to the development of occupational illnesses such as welding fume fever and asthma. Local exhaust ventilation (LEV) is an effective method to control worker exposure to welding fume and previous work has indicated the merit of the use of on-gun extraction systems. The aim of the present study was to improve and refine the existing on-gun extraction methodology and has resulted in the development of two alternative methods for measuring the efficiency of on-gun fume extraction systems. There are distinct...
Implementing Surgical Smoke Evacuation in the Operating Room
Inspired by a presentation at an educational conference, two operating room (OR) nurses at Children's Hospital Boston raised concerns at the hospital's perioperative evidence-based practice committee meeting about the potential hazards associated with exposure to surgical smoke and aerosols. The nurses initiated a safety project involving the use of smoke evacuation devices in ORs. The subsequent policy development took two years and involved a literature review, a survey of other institutions, and the support of numerous stakeholders. A utilization review and supportive educational initiatives...

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