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Programme national de surveillance du mésothéliome pleural (PNSM)
Vingt années de surveillance (1998-2017) des cas de mésothéliome, de leurs expositions et des processus d'indemnisation En 1998, la Direction générale du travail (DGT) et la Direction générale de la santé (DGS) des ministères respectifs ont saisi Santé publique France pour mettre en place un programme national de surveillance des effets sanitaires de l'amiante : le programme national de surveillance du mésothéliome pleural (PNSM), marqueur spécifique des expositions passées à l'amiante...
Helical CT Scans and Lung Cancer Screening
Lung cancer is the foremost cause of death from cancer in the United States, leading to nearly 160,000 deaths in 2006 (USCS). Annually, nearly 200,000 people have a new diagnosis of lung cancer (See related blog on new Surgeon General Report). Efforts to develop methods to detect the cancer early enough to improve survival of the diagnosed persons have been largely unsuccessful. A recent study of a relatively new form of screening using helical computerized tomography (CT) demonstrated fewer lung cancer deaths among individuals at high risk of lung cancer who received this screening than among...
Health surveillance in silica exposed workers
There is uncertainty in Great Britain (GB) about what constitutes appropriate health surveillance for silica-exposed workers, despite evidence that new cases of silicosis are occurring. The main objectives of this report are: 1) To identify existing recommendations for health surveillance for silica-exposed workers. 2) To assess the evidence base for these recommendations and other relevant evidence in the scientific literature. 3) To make recommendations for a standard. Source :

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