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Risks to respiratory health in the grain industry
A detailed literature search was carried out to summarise evidence about respiratory disease caused by exposure to grain dust. Long term epidemiological studies examining the risk for respiratory disease in grain workers were undertaken in Canada and the USA from the 1970s to the late 1990s. Smaller studies were undertaken in the UK and Europe but mostly focussed on respiratory disease in arable and livestock farmers. The conclusion of this review is that the damaging effects of grain dust on the respiratory tract are accumulative and occur at high concentrations of exposure. Acute responses also...
Caractérisation des poussières dans les boulangeries artisanales
Des millions de dollars que la CSST a déboursés au cours des 10 dernières années pour indemniser les victimes d'une maladie professionnelle, environ le tiers a été attribué à 88 cas d'asthme ayant des produits de boulangerie, des grains, des produits céréaliers et autres comme agent causal. Les chercheurs étudieront l'exposition de travailleurs du secteur des produits de boulangerie et de transformation d'épices et d'herbes aux poussières totales ainsi qu'aux fractions inhalables et...
Current control standards for tasks with high exposure to grain dust
Six sectors of the British grain industry were investigated to try to identify and characterise exposure-significant tasks in terms of the inhalable dust, microorganism, endotoxin and mycotoxin exposures associated with these tasks. Information was collected from stakeholders in the industry by telephone interviews and during visits to company premises. In addition, the available scientific literature was reviewed to identify relevant exposure data. Source :
Grain dust
Health-based recommended occupational exposure limit for employees in the grain and animal feed industries At the request of the Minister of Social Affairs and Employment, the Health Council of the Netherlands sets health-based recommended occupational exposure limits (HB-ROEL) for existing substances in the air in the workplace. These recommendations are prepared by the Council's Dutch Expert Committee on Occupational Safety (DECOS). In this report, the committee discusses the consequences of occupational exposure to grain dust and recommends a health-based occupational exposure limit. The...

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