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Cleaning at Home and at Work in Relation to Lung Function Decline and Airway Obstruction
Rationale: Cleaning tasks may imply exposure to chemical agents with potential harmful effects to the respiratory system, and increased risk of asthma and respiratory symptoms among professional cleaners and in persons cleaning at home has been reported. The long-term consequences of cleaning agents on respiratory health are, however, not well described. Objectives: This paper aims to investigate long-term effects of occupational cleaning and cleaning at home on lung function decline and chronic airway obstruction. Methods: The ECRHS study has investigated a multi-centre population based cohort...
Professional Cleaning Activities and Lung Cancer Risk Among Women
Results From the ICARE Study Objectives: Lung cancer risk associated with occupational cleaning activities has been investigated in the population-based case–control study ICARE. Methods: Occupational history was collected by standardized interviews. Jobs were first defined according to the International Standard Classification of Occupations (ISCO) codes and then categorized according to activity sectors. Adjusted odds ratios (ORs) were estimated by unconditional logistic regression, separately for women (619 cases and 760 controls) and men (2265 and 2780). Results: Thirty percent of women...

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