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Mica Dust and Pneumoconiosis
Example of a Pure Occupational Exposure in a Muscovite Milling Unit Objective: We present pulmonary disorders of four employees who were exposed to high concentration of pure mica dust in a muscovite milling unit. Method: All cases underwent traditional examinations with a dual-energy chest computed tomographic scan. An analysis of exhaled breath condensate by Raman microspectrometry and of mineralogical content of a lung biopsy was performed for one case. Results: All cases showed bilateral micronodular ground glass opacities and mediastinal and hilar hyperdense lymph nodes consistent with the...
Mining circulars updated
The following mining circulars have been updated: Dust sampling on wet and muddy roadways SPC/TECH/SI1/06 - Previously spc/tech/ld05/06 Pneumoconiosis - Radiographic classification SPC/TECH/SI1/02 - Previously spc/tech/ld5/02

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