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Biomonitoring in California Firefighters
Metals and Perfluorinated Chemicals Objective: To assess California firefighters' blood concentrations of selected chemicals and compare with a representative US population. Methods: We report laboratory methods and analytic results for cadmium, lead, mercury, and manganese in whole blood and 12 serum perfluorinated chemicals in a sample of 101 Southern California firefighters. Results: Firefighters' blood metal concentrations were all similar to or lower than the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) values, except for six participants whose mercury concentrations ...
Occupational Determinants of Cumulative Lead Exposure
Analysis of Bone Lead Among Men in the VA Normative Aging Study Objectives: To examine the relation between occupation and cumulative lead exposure—assessed by measuring bone lead—in a community-dwelling population. Method: We measured bone lead concentration with K-shell X-Ray Fluorescence in 1320 men in the Normative Aging Study. We categorized job titles into 14 broad US Census Bureau categories. We used ordinary least squares regression to estimate bone lead by job categories adjusted for other predictors. Results: Service workers, construction, and extractive craft workers and...

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