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TREXMO (Translation of Exposure Models) is a recently developed peer-reviewed web-based tool that aimed to facilitate exposure assessment and chemicals registrations for authorities (e.g. SECO) and industry. The tool includes six commonly used models, i.e. ART, Stoffenmanager, ECETOC TRA v3, MEASE and EMKG-EXPO-TOOL and EASE. Excluding EASE, the models in TREXMO are recommended under the EU’s REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and restriction of CHemicals) legislation. The tool is also applicable in Switzerland since the Swiss chemical regulations are conceptualized to be similar...
Heat Index: When humidity makes it feel hotter
NIOSH and OSHA recently released the redesigned, co-branded OSHA-NIOSH Heat Safety Tool App. This version replaces the app previously created by OSHA in 2011. The app calculates the heat index at outdoor worksites using the smartphone's geolocation capabilities to pull current weather conditions from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) satellites. Based on the calculated heat index, users are provided specific sets of recommendations for protections against the heat. Workers and managers can use these recommendations to adjust their work environment. The app recommendations...
DERMaL eToolkit
Emergency response personnel are often at risk of getting dangerous chemicals on their skin. Despite the availability of numerous high-quality resources designed to guide emergency management and operations personnel, data gaps continue to exist on specific hazards or scenarios. Available resources contain an overwhelming quantity of data on inhalation exposures, but data related to dermal exposures are more challenging to find. Dermal contact is an important exposure pathway and can present significant health risks [Dotson et al. 2015]. The goal of the DERMaL eToolkit is to provide informational...
Smartphone APP assesses indoor air quality
Are you suffering with dry skin, nausea or asthmatic reactions at work? If so, a new smartphone APP can help identify if poor indoor air quality (IAQ) is the culprit. AirAssess is a survey-based APP, designed by the Occupational Health Clinics for Ontario Workers (OHCOW) to gather information about air quality including temperature, humidity and airborne contaminants. APP users will also be asked about asthma-related and other symptoms of ill-health along with work-related stressors. The APP considers all of this information and offers immediate feedback in terms of potential links between air...
NIOSH Releases Updated Hazard Assessment Software
EVADE Software Expanded to Identify Multiple Hazardous Exposures. The latest version of the EVADE software has been expanded to show mine workers exactly where they are being exposed to hazards on the job, and therefore where an intervention can be effective. When mines try to reduce harmful exposures to their workers, it's often a matter of guesswork and trial and error not only to pinpoint the sources, but to know where fixes might offer the greatest impact. EVADE puts the power to identify and then correct exposure hazards in the hands of mine operators. While NIOSH originally developed...
Outil d’aide à l’interprétation de rapports d’investigation de la contamination fongique
Les professionnels de santé publique sont souvent appelés à émettre leur avis sur des rapports d'investigation de la contamination fongique dans les bâtiments. Cependant, la qualité et la rigueur de ces rapports sont très variables, ce qui rend parfois difficile une interprétation adéquate. Un outil a donc été produit afin de faciliter l'interprétation de ces rapports : il indique les informations qu'ils devraient contenir ainsi que les aspects pertinents à prendre en considération. Il s'adresse...
Une étude de l’IRSST sur les risques liés au mélange de plusieurs substances chimiques
Lors de déversements accidentels de substances chimiques dans l'environnement, que ce soit dans le cas d'incidents routiers ou ferroviaires (transport de matières dangereuses), ou encore d'accidents industriels, des travailleurs, des secouristes, des pompiers et même la population générale peuvent être exposés simultanément, sur de courtes périodes, à d'importantes concentrations de plusieurs substances chimiques. Dans de telles situations, une exposition simultanée à plusieurs substances peut induire...
Le Centre canadien d’hygiène et de sécurité au travail lance la version CANWrite adaptée au SGH
Le Centre canadien d'hygiène et de sécurité au travail (CCHST) a annoncé le lancement de sa toute nouvelle version de CANWrite. Cette dernière version de CANWrite repose sur la version du Système général harmonisé de classification et d'étiquetage des produits chimiques (SGH) mise en œuvre conformément à la norme HazCom 2012 des É.-U. La version CANWrite adaptée au SGH permettra de produire des fiches de données de sécurité (FDS) conformes au SGH de l'OSHA et...
NIOSH Posts New Database Resource on Rates, Trends in Elevated Blood Lead Levels
The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) posted a new interactive, Web-based resource to help users identify, monitor, and address harmful overexposures to lead. The web page provides data on cases of elevated levels of lead in the blood of adults, and trends in those cases over time. It also allows users – particularly occupational and environmental health professionals and researchers – to create customized data products from those data. Source :
Next generation of ECETOC targeted risk assessment tools
The ECETOC targeted risk assessment (TRA) task force reported in 2004 (Technical Report 93), and launched the supporting web-based tool shortly after. Since 2004, almost 2000 users have registered with ECETOC to gain an access to the tool and benefit from its abilities. As part of the process for maintaining the integrity and relevance of the TRA approach, ECETOC has also held a series of meetings and events with experts from member companies and regulatory authorities with the aim of identifying what further modifications may be either necessary or beneficial.

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