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Risk assessment for VCE scenario in an aerosol warehouse
In 2006, Dr Graham Atkinson of HSL was asked by HSE to review the risks from fires in large aerosol stores (Atkinson, 2007). Atkinson reviewed incident statistics and reports and concluded that the greatest risk to people from such fires was from explosions, not from the fire itself. He postulated a vapour cloud explosion (VCE) mechanism, whereby a fire of material elsewhere in the warehouse from the aerosols could give rise to a hot air layer close to the ceiling. Aerosols stored close to the ceiling could then fail and release their flammable contents, but not be immediately ignited by the fire...
Review of FLACS version 9.0
Dispersion modelling capabilities FLame ACceleration Simulator (FLACS) is a commercial Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) code developed and marketed by Global Explosion Consultants (GexCon), based in Bergen, Norway. The software has been developed to model the dispersion and combustion of flammable liquids, gases and dust clouds in open and bounded geometries. The first version of FLACS, released in 1986, was developed by CMI (Christian Michelsen Research Institute). CMI continued the development of FLACS until 1992 at which time its development was passed to CMR (Christian Michelsen Research...

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