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NIOSH Skin Notation Profiles: Atrazine
As the largest organ of the body, the skin performs multiple critical functions, such as serving as the primary barrier to the external environment. For this reason, the skin is often exposed to potentially hazardous agents, including chemicals, which may contribute to the onset of a spectrum of adverse health effects ranging from localized damage (such as irritant contact dermatitis and corrosion) to induction of immune-mediated responses (such as allergic contact dermatitis and pulmonary responses), or systemic toxicity (such as neurotoxicity and hepatotoxicity). Understanding the hazards related...
Comparative study on exposure of workers and bystanders during pest control of the Oak Processionary Moth by spray application
Biocidal products used for spray application against the oak processionary moth (OPM) require authorisation in accordance with Regulation (EU) No. 528/2012 of the European Parliament for that use. For authorisation, a risk assessment based on exposure estimation is performed for all intended uses of the respective product. Detailed information on the application process and the resulting exposure of operators and of bystanders was lacking until now. It is expected that the main routes of exposure are dermal and inhalation. Spray applications carried out for control of OPM show significant differences...
Harvesters in strawberry fields
A literature review of pesticide exposure, an observation of their work activities, and a model for exposure prediction Strawberry harvesters hand-pick fruit that may result in pesticide exposure from hand foliar contact. This paper included a review of publications on harvester pesticide exposure, an observation of their work activities, and development of an alternative model for pesticide exposure prediction. Previous studies monitored the dermal pesticide exposure of strawberry harvesters and found most of the exposure (>70%) was on the hands. Exposure rates (ERs) were calculated as pesticide...

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