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Aerosol Transmission of Infectious Disease
Objective: The concept of aerosol transmission is developed to resolve limitations in conventional definitions of airborne and droplet transmission. Methods: The method was literature review. Results: An infectious aerosol is a collection of pathogen-laden particles in air. Aerosol particles may deposit onto or be inhaled by a susceptible person. Aerosol transmission is biologically plausible when infectious aerosols are generated by or from an infectious person, the pathogen remains viable in the environment for some period of time, and the target tissues in which the pathogen initiates infection...
Mists created by the use of compressed airlines for the removal of metalworking fluids - Assessment of the possible exposure health risks
The potential impact of the use of compressed air for the removal of residual metalworking fluids on health was investigated using a test chamber approach followed by a workplace study. The former had the advantage in that the background levels of particles could be reduced significantly. The greatest risk was found to be dermal exposure due to large droplets of MWF coating the worker's torso and arms. The visualisation of respirable mist using back lighting was not a reproducible phenomenon in either setting but in the test chamber, the use of particle counters revealed that a reduction in...
Current Intelligence Bulletin 63: Occupational Exposure to Titanium Dioxide
Titanium dioxide (TiO2), an insoluble white powder, is used extensively in many commercial products, including paint, cosmetics, plastics, paper, and food, as an anticaking or whitening agent. It is produced and used in the workplace in varying particle-size fractions, including fine and ultrafine sizes. The number of U.S. workers currently exposed to TiO2 dust is unknown. This NIOSH CIB, based on our assessment of the current available scientific information about this widely used material, (1) reviews the animal and human data relevant to assessing the carcinogenicity and other adverse health...

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