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Travailler au froid ! Prévenir et soigner les gelures et l’hypothermie
Cette brochure explique la contrainte thermique par le froid et précise les facteurs de risque, les mesures préventives à prendre et les premiers secours à donner. Elle contient également la réglementation en vigueur sur le sujet. Cette édition comporte un nouveau tableau indiquant les dangers que présente le refroidissement éolien et le degré de risque de gelure. Source :
Heat stress and strain evaluation among aluminum potroom employees
HHE Program investigators evaluated hot working conditions in the potroom at an aluminum smelter. The company had a comprehensive heat stress management program, but investigators found that it was not being followed at all times. Most of the tasks that were monitored exceeded the limits for working in a hot environment and most employees who were monitored had signs of heat strain. Investigators recommended that managers reduce the physical demands on employees working in the potrooms and install cooling recovery areas. Employees were encouraged to use heat reflective personal protective equipment...
The association between overall health, psychological distress, and occupational heat stress among a large national cohort of 40,913 Thai workers
Background: Occupational heat stress is a well-known problem, particularly in tropical countries, affecting workers, health and well-being. There are very few recent studies that have reported on the effect of heat stress on mental health, or overall health in workers, although socioeconomic development and rapid urbanization in tropical developing countries like Thailand create working conditions in which heat stress is likely. Objective: This study is aimed at identifying the relationship between self-reported heat stress and psychological distress, and overall health status in Thai workers....
National Hazard Exposure Worker Surveillance - Sunlight Report
This report focuses on the exposure of Australian workers to direct sunlight and the control measures that are provided in workplaces that eliminate, reduce or control worker exposure to direct sunlight. The aims of this report are as follows: to describe patterns of exposure to direct sunlight in conjunction with patterns of direct sunlight control provision with respect to industry, occupation and other relevant demographic and employment variables, and; to make recommendations, where possible, for the development of OHS and workers' compensation policy. Source : http://www.safeworkaustralia...
Hypothermia – Surviving the Cold
Hypothermia often happens so slowly you don’t realize you’re in danger. This pamphlet tells you how to recognize and treat hypothermia.
Clocks go back – HSE issues advice for safe working in winter
Now that the clocks have gone back, and winter is approaching, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is offering some timely guidance to ensure workers remain safe during the colder, darker months ahead. HSE Principal Inspector of Construction Peter Black said: “For those working outdoors, the winter months bring additional challenges to keeping safe. Cold weather and shorter periods of daylight mean there is more potential for accidents to happen. With a little planning, and common sense, these can be avoided.
Analyse des données probantes sur le travail en ambiance chaude et ses effets sur les issues de grossesse
Par l'analyse et la synthèse des données scientifiques publiées, ce document investigue l'association entre le travail en ambiance chaude et les issues défavorables de grossesse chez les travailleuses exposées à cette contrainte.
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