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Miscarriage Among Flight Attendants
Background: Cosmic radiation and circadian disruption are potential reproductive hazards for flight attendants. Methods: Flight attendants from 3 US airlines in 3 cities were interviewed for pregnancy histories and lifestyle, medical, and occupational covariates. We assessed cosmic radiation and circadian disruption from company records of 2 million individual flights. Using Cox regression models, we compared respondents (1) by levels of flight exposures and (2) to teachers from the same cities, to evaluate whether these exposures were associated with miscarriage. Results: Of 2654 women interviewed...
Pregnancy Outcomes After Paternal Radiofrequency Field Exposure Aboard Fast Patrol Boats
Objectives: To investigate adverse reproductive outcomes among male employees in the Royal Norwegian Navy exposed to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields aboard fast patrol boats. Methods: Cohort study of Royal Norwegian Navy servicemen linked to the Medical Birth Registry of Norway, including singleton offspring born between 1967 and 2008 (n = 37,920). Exposure during the last 3 months before conception (acute) and exposure more than 3 months before conception (nonacute) were analyzed. Results: Perinatal mortality and preeclampsia increased after service aboard fast patrol boats during an acute...

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