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Occupational exposure to electromagnetic fields from medical sources
High exposures to electromagnetic fields (EMF) can occur near certain medical devices in the hospital environment. A systematic assessment of medical occupational EMF exposure could help to clarify where more attention to occupational safety may be needed. This paper seeks to identify sources of high exposure for hospital workers and compare the published exposure data to occupational limits in the European Union. A systematic search for peer-reviewed publications was conducted via PubMed and Scopus databases. Relevant grey literature was collected via a web search. For each publication, the highest...
Staff exposure to pulsed magnetic fields during depression treatment with transcranial magnetic stimulation
Introduction. Transcranial magnetic stimulation or repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS/rTMS) are currently used in research and treatments of diseases of the central nervous system, such as recurring depression. Strong electric pulses are used to produce strong pulsed magnetic fields that are directed to the patient's cerebral cortex where the fields induce electric pulses. The pulses may be causing unnecessary exposure of the staff. Method. The MagVenture TMS/rTMS system was investigated, without patient presence, through measurements of magnetic field pulses at varying distances...
Exposure to MRI-related magnetic fields and vertigo in MRI workers
Objectives: Vertigo has been reported by people working around magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanners and was found to increase with increasing strength of scanner magnets. This suggests an association with exposure to static magnetic fields (SMF) and/or motion-induced time-varying magnetic fields (TVMF). This study assessed the association between various metrics of shift-long exposure to SMF and TVMF and self-reported vertigo among MRI workers. Methods: We analysed 358 shifts from 234 employees at 14 MRI facilities in the Netherlands. Participants used logbooks to report vertigo experienced...
Exposure to static magnetic fields and risk of accidents among a cohort of workers from a medical imaging device manufacturing facility
PURPOSE: To study the association between occupational MRI-related static magnetic fields (SMF) exposure and the occurrence of accidents. METHODS: Recent and career SMF exposure was assessed by linking a retrospective job exposure matrix to payroll based job histories, for a cohort of (former) workers of an imaging device manufacturing facility in the Netherlands. Occurrence of accidents was collected through an online questionnaire. Self-reported injuries due to accidents in the past 12 months, and the first (near) traffic accident while commuting to work and from work were analyzed with logistic...

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