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Health Effects of Electromagnetic Fields on Reproductive-Age Female Operators of Plastic Welding Machines in Fuzhou, China
Objective: The aim of this study was to investigate the health effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) among female operators of plastic welding machines. Methods: We examined 180 female operators in shoe factories as the exposed group, and 349 female workers from nearby supermarkets as the unexposed group. Results: The mean radiation levels in the vicinity of the welding machines ranged from 51.3 to 368.9?V/m. The prevalence of neurovegetative symptoms increased with higher EMFs exposures (P?<?0.05). The prevalence of menstrual disorder was 12.0% in the unexposed group, but was 26.8% and 33...
Risk analysis and warning rate of hot environment for foundry industry using hybrid MCDM technique
A person working in extreme hot environment is at greater risk of heat-related disorders and safety problems. Protection of health and safety needs to evaluate the risk and warning rate of hot environment without compromising productivity of the organization. In this paper, a novel hybrid technique was proposed for assessing the work safety in hot environments using multi criteria decision making (MCDM) technique. The proposed model involves analytic network process (ANP) and linguistic fuzzy approach. The ANP approach is used to compute the weights of evaluation factors and triangular fuzzy numbers...
Factors Associated With Heat Strain Among Workers at an Aluminum Smelter in Texas
Objectives: To determine the prevalence of heat strain and factors associated with heat strain among workers at an aluminum smelter in Texas. Methods: Continuous core body temperature (Tc), heart rate, and pre- and postshift serum electrolytes, and urine specific gravity were measured, and symptom questionnaires were administered. Results: Most participants (54%) had 1 or more signs of heat strain. Unacclimatized participants were significantly more likely to exceed the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists–recommended Tc than acclimatized participants (88% vs 20%; P <...
The co-exposure to noise and a mixture of solvents has an additive effect in the prevalence of hypertension
The aim of this study was to investigate interaction of noise and mixed organic solvents on blood pressure. Biological interaction of two variables on hypertension was calculated using the synergistic index. The results indicate that exposure to noise or a mixture of organic solvents may be associated with the prevalence of hypertension in car manufacturing company workers and co-exposure to noise and a mixture of solvents has an additive effect in this regard. Therefore appropriate preventive programs in these workers recommended. Source : Mirsaeed Attarchi et al. Combined effects of exposure...

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