ASTM E3214 - Standard Classification for Industrial Microorganisms

The technology to engineer industrial microorganisms (IMs) is evolving rapidly and the public, regulatory bodies, and industrial sectors require new tools to help evaluate the products of biotechnology. In particular, there is a need to clarify the nature and intent of genetic alterations present in many industrial microbial strains.
Currently, there is no systematic classification system to help differentiate among the many subtypes of engineered industrial microorganisms. In response, a classification system for industrial microorganisms has been developed with the intent of facilitating the commercial use and development of industrial microorganisms and the biotechnology sector in general.
This classification will be applied to all microorganisms for which there is an intended use, broadly referred to as “industrial microorganisms.” This classification covers both viable and non-viable microorganisms, in addition to any product that contains microbial DNA.


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