Coal miner participation in a job transfer program designed to prevent progression of pneumoconiosis, United States, 1986–2016

The Part 90 program was designed to prevent progression of pneumoconiosis in U.S. coal miners by establishing their right to transfer to a less dusty job in the mine. We calculated the proportion of Part 90-eligible miners who participated during 1986–2016, examined participation by region, and compared characteristics of miners by participation status. Of the 3,547 eligible miners, 14.4% exercised their Part 90 option. Miners working in states outside central Appalachia, and those with more severe pneumoconiosis, were more likely to participate. The primary goal of respiratory health surveillance of coal miners is early detection of disease so that preventive action can be taken. Future studies should seek to better understand factors influencing Part 90 program participation.

Source: Reynolds, L., Halldin, C. N., Laney, A. S., & Blackley, D. J. (2017). Archives of environmental & occupational health, 1-3.

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