Occupational exposures to solvents and metals are associated with fixed airflow obstruction

Our study is the first to investigate the associations between exposures to solvents and metals using lifetime work history calendars and fixed airflow obstruction (AO). We have shown that increasing cumulative exposure-unit years to chlorinated solvents is associated with fixed AO. We found that women were at increased risk of fixed AO with increasing cumulative exposed-unit-years to chlorinated solvents but not men.

Source: Alif SM, Dharmage SC, Benke G, Dennekamp M, Burgess JL, Perret, Lodge CJ, Morrison S, Johns DP?, Giles GG, Gurrin LC, Thomas PS, Hopper JL, Wood-Baker R, Thompson BR, Feather IH, Vermeulen R, Kromhout H, Walters EH, Abramson MJ, Matheson MC. (2017). Scand J Work Environ Health.

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