DERMaL eToolkit

Emergency response personnel are often at risk of getting dangerous chemicals on their skin. Despite the availability of numerous high-quality resources designed to guide emergency management and operations personnel, data gaps continue to exist on specific hazards or scenarios. Available resources contain an overwhelming quantity of data on inhalation exposures, but data related to dermal exposures are more challenging to find. Dermal contact is an important exposure pathway and can present significant health risks [Dotson et al. 2015].
The goal of the DERMaL eToolkit is to provide informational resources and tools associated with dermal exposures to chemicals. The resources and tools are intended to be used to assist in assessing the hazards associated with dermal contact with chemicals during emergency response activities. The DERMaL eToolkit is organized by 1) incident phase, 2) information categories, and 3) resource types.


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