Organophosphate Pesticide Urinary Metabolites Among Latino Immigrants

North Carolina Farmworkers and Non-farmworkers Compared
Background: This analysis documents detections and concentrations of the six dialkylphosphate (DAP) urinary metabolite of organophosphorus (OP) pesticides among North Carolina Latino migrant farmworkers, with comparison to non-farmworker Latino immigrants.
Methods: Participants provided up to four urine samples during the 2012 and 2013 agricultural seasons. Composite urine samples for each year were analyzed.
Results: DAP urinary metabolite detections were similar in farmworkers and non-farmworker; for example, for 2012, 75.4% of farmworkers and 67.4% of non-farmworkers and, for 2013, 89.3% of farmworkers and 89.7% of non-farmworkers had dimethylthiophosphate detections. DAP geometric mean concentrations were high; for example, dimethylphosphate concentrations among farmworkers were 11.39?μg/g creatinine for 2012 and 4.49?μg/g creatinine for 2013, while they were 10.49?μg/g creatinine for 2012 and 1.97?μg/g creatinine for 2013 for non-farmworkers
Conclusions: Research to reduce pesticide exposure among Latino farmworkers and non-farmworkers is needed.

Source: Arcury, Thomas A., Laurienti, Paul J., Chen, Haiying, Howard, Timothy D., Barr, Dana Boyd, Mora, Dana C., Summers, Phillip, Quandt, Sara A. (2016). Journal of Occupational & Environmental Médicine, 58(11), 1079-1086.

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