Exposure to carcinogens and work-related cancer

A review of assessment methods
Estimates of the recent and future burden of occupational diseases indicate that occupational cancer is still a major problem and will remain so in the future as a result of exposure of workers to carcinogens. That's why occupational cancer is a problem that needs to be tackled across the European Union. This summary provides a short overview of assessment tools for the exposure to cancer risk factors and looks into relevant occupational factors: chemical, physical and biological exposures, as well as other possibly carcinogenic working environment conditions (such as shift and night work). It examines opportunities to identify new causes or promoters of cancer, and evaluates existing sources of information. It also describes occupational cancer prevention measures at European, national and workplace levels and makes recommendations for filling in gaps in relevant knowledge needed to prevent effectively future risks of occupational cancer.

Source: https://osha.europa.eu/en/oshnews/summary-report-exposure-carcinogens-and-work-related-cancer-review-assessment-methods

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