Occupational exposure to crystalline Silica related to lung cancer scientific evidence synthesis

Silica is a compound made up of silicon and oxygen, in the form of SiO2 (silicon dioxide or crystalline silica). It appears in nature in the form of sand, granite, clay, etc.
Occupational exposure to silica dust occurs during underground mining and quarry mining activities; construction; smelting; cement manufacturing and aggregate processing; manufacturing, handling, and processing of glass, ceramics; etc.
The inhalation of silica dust may lead to a pneumoconiosis in humans called silicosis. Pneumoconiosis are a group of diseases caused by the accumulation of dust in the
lungs and tissue reactions due to its presence, and are included in the group of diffuse interstitial lung diseases (DILD, or EPID in Spanish). Silicosis is recognised as an
occupational disease in the European list of occupational diseases as well as in the occupational disease framework of Spain.

Source: http://xurl.es/oect-silice-eng

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