WHO Launches Chemical Risk Assessment Network

Chemicals play a vital part in our daily life. Chemicals can also cause unintended harm to human health. More than 25% of the global burden of disease is linked to environmental factors, including chemicals exposures. The production and use of chemicals continues to increase worldwide, particularly in rapidly developing economies. Enhanced global efforts are needed to share expertise, to assess, and to manage the risks associated with exposure to hazardous chemicals. There is a need to identify knowledge gaps and emerging issues, and to provide a forum for scientific exchange and collaboration on risk assessment.

To support these efforts, WHO has today announced the launch of a network of leading risk assessment institutions from around the world, to improve chemical risk assessment globally. The network will scale up action and facilitate sustainable interaction between institutions on chemical risk assessment. The network is a voluntary, collaborative initiative.

Source : http://www.who.int/ipcs/networks/ranetwork/en/index.html

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