OECD Guidance Document on Quantitative Methods for Evaluating the Activity of Microbicides used on Hard Non-Porous Surfaces

The OECD Biocides Programme and Test Guidelines Programme have been working together for several years to develop test methods for assessing the efficacy of biocidal products. A Guidance Document on microbicides* efficacy testing was issued in June 2013 and published in the series on Biocides (document No. 6) and series on Testing and Assessment (document No. 187). It describes quantitative methods for evaluating the activity of microbicides used on hard non-porous surfaces. Efficacy data are part of the regulatory requirements that manufacturers/ applicants have to comply with concerning the authorisation and the placing on the market of their biocidal products.

Source : http://www.oecd.org/env/ehs/testing/evaluating-the-activity-of-microbicides-used-on-hard-non-porous-surfaces.htm

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