Cedar Asthma – Markers of Recovery and Severity

Many workers who develop Western Red Cedar Asthma (WRCA) continue to show respiratory impairment years after exposure to Western Red Cedar has ceased. This project examined the association between continuing WRCA symptoms and biomarkers in sputum and blood serum. A positive association was found between the presence of the biomarker interferon-gamma and impairment level. A second phase of this project investigated the relationship between measures of quality of life and respiratory impairment. Results showed impairment level to be significantly associated with decreased measures of quality of life. Due to the persistence of WRCA symptoms after exposure has stopped, the researchers recommend that future prevention efforts focus on reducing the intensity, duration, and overall exposure to Western Red Cedar.

Source : http://www.worksafebc.com/contact_us/research/research_results/res_60_10_1120.asp

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