Nanotechnology-theme in new Barents Newsletter

Research Professor Harri Alenius comments on his Editorial in the latest Barents Newsletter: "Nanotechnologies using Engineered nanomaterials (ENMs) are envisaged to become the cornerstone for a number of industrial sectors, from micro-electronics, materials, paper, textile, to energy and cosmetics, industries which are all capable of incorporating some nano-scale-enabled properties into their goods. However, the well-documented issues regarding the safety of ENM have given rise to increasing concerns not only for regulators and the general public but also for industries. A clear understanding of the relationship between nanomaterial characteristics and their properties, such as their surface chemistry, is strongly needed."

Source : Barents Newsletter on Occupational Health and Safety, vol. 15, no2, 2012 (textes en anglais et en russe)


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