Effects of Paternal Occupation Exposure to Formaldehyde on Reproductive Outcomes

Objective: To investigate whether paternal occupational exposure to formaldehyde (FA) affects the reproductive outcomes.
Methods: Data were collected from 302 male workers occupationally exposed to FA and 305 referent controls through interview questionnaires. Formaldehyde exposure level was measured and calculated for every subject. Different reproductive outcomes were compared for two groups by logistic regression analyses.
Results: A significant increased risk of prolonged time to pregnancy (P = 0.034; odds ratio, 2.828; 95% confidence interval, 1.081 to 7.406) and significant elevated risk of spontaneous abortion (P = 0.021; odds ratio, 1.916; 95% confidence interval, 1.103 to 3.329) were observed in wives of male workers occupationally exposed to FA after correction for confounding factors. Moreover, reproductive toxicity due to FA exposure is dose dependent.
Conclusions: This epidemiological study adds some evidence for the hypothesis that paternal FA occupation exposure has adverse effects on reproductive outcomes.

Source : Wang, Hai-xu PhD; Zhou, Dang-xia PhD; Zheng, Lie-rui MSc; Zhang, Jing MSc; Huo, Yong-wei PhD; Tian, Hong PhD; Han, Shui-ping BSc; Zhang, Jian BSc; Zhao, Wen-bao BSc. Journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine: May 2012 - Volume 54 - Issue 5 - p 518–524.

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