Aluminium and aluminium compounds

An agreement has been signed by the Dutch Expert Committee on Occupational Safety (DECOS) of the Health Council of the Netherlands and the Nordic Expert
Group for Criteria Documentation of Health Risks from Chemicals (NEG). The purpose of the agreement is to write joint scientific criteria documents, which could be used by the national regulatory authorities in both the Netherlands and in the Nordic countries. The document on aluminium and aluminium compounds has been reviewed by DECOS as well as by NEG. The members of both committees are listed in Appendix 2. The first draft of this report was prepared by G Schaafsma, S Dekkers, WR Leeman, ED Kroese, and JHE Arts from TNO Quality of life, Zeist, the Netherlands. The joint document is published separately by DECOS and NEG.
The NEG version presented herein has been adapted to the requirements of NEG and the format of Arbete och Hälsa. The editorial work and technical editing have
been carried out by Anna-Karin Alexandrie and Jill Järnberg, scientific secretaries of NEG, at the Swedish Work Environment Authority. NEG is financially supported by the Swedish Work Environment Authority and the Norwegian Ministry of Labour.

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