A new version of ECHA's chemical safety and report tool Chesar is now available-EU

Chesar is designed to help companies carry out their Chemical Safety Assessments (CSA) and preparing their Chemical Safety Reports (CSR). The tool developed by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) is a plug-in to IUCLID 5. Chesar version 1.2 can now be downloaded from the Chesar website. Chesar 1.2 enables the users to generate the exposure scenarios for communication to downstream users. These exposure scenarios can then be annexed to the extended Safety Data Sheet. Chesar also enables the registrant to create a full Chemical Safety Report (CSR), once the hazard assessment and (if required) the exposure assessment are finalised. The CSR is created in a text format as well as in an exchangeable database format (XML Docbook format).

Source : Chesar website



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