Hazardous Chemicals in Health Care

A Snapshot of Chemicals in Doctors and Nurses
Toxic chemica ls are all aro und us. Everyday products in our homes, workplaces, schools, stores or places of worship are made from a mixture of chemicals. The majority of the chemicals in use have very limited hazard information available and some have been associated with adverse health effects. We are exposed to chemicals directly when they are released through industrial processes, agricultural applications or through waste streams in which the agent is able to get into our air, water or food. We are also exposed to chemicals indirectly, when unstable chemicals break down into more dangerous forms, leach out of products to contaminate food or beverages, and are released into indoor air during everyday use, settling into dust which people inhale or ingest.

Source: http://www.psr.org/assets/pdfs/hazardous-chemicals-in-health-care.pdf

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