Multifaceted Approach to Assess Indoor Environmental Quality

  • Of new-onset asthma cases in adults, 15–23% are work-related asthma
    [American Thoracic Society 2004]
  • The highest percentage of work-related asthma occurred among operators, fabricators, and laborers (32.9%)
    [Worker Health Chartbook 2004]
  • Between 35 and 60 million of the 89 million indoor environment workers have building-related symptoms of eye, nose, and throat irritations or headache and fatigue
    [Mendell 2002]
  • The points above very briefly highlight some of the issues related to indoor environmental quality. It has been estimated that indoor environmental quality-related health issues cost businesses in the range of $20–70 billion annually due to lost productivity, decreased performance, and sick absences. Some of these health effects include respiratory issues that could fall under the classification of work-related asthma.

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