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Control of noise risk in the printing industry
Machinery used in the printing industry is inherently noisy. Noise levels in this industry have the potential to cause work-related hearing damage, if the risks are not properly assessed and managed. HSE has undertaken a study of noise levels and exposures in the printing industry, to determine noise risks and identify control measures. The noise levels measured in this study indicate that print workers are exposed to hazardous levels of noise: 93% of the study population had noise exposure estimates exceeding the lower exposure action value (LEP,d 80 dB) specified in the Control of Noise at Work...
Noise risk as described in instructions supplied with printing machinery
The printing industry uses a wide range of noisy machines that have the potential to damage workers' hearing if the risks are not effectively managed. Users need information that represents noise emissions during the intended uses of the machine, to enable an assessment and the management of the associated noise risks. There is a legal requirement under the Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations 2008 for machinery manufacturers to provide declared noise emissions in instruction manuals. (This legislation implements the EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC). However, there is a lack of information...
Wind Turbines and Health
A Critical Review of the Scientific Literature Objective: This review examines the literature related to health effects of wind turbines. Methods: We reviewed literature related to sound measurements near turbines, epidemiological and experimental studies, and factors associated with annoyance. Results: (1) Infrasound sound near wind turbines does not exceed audibility thresholds. (2) Epidemiological studies have shown associations between living near wind turbines and annoyance. (3) Infrasound and low-frequency sound do not present unique health risks. (4) Annoyance seems more strongly related...

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