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Sound Pressure Levels in Rooms: A Study of Steady State Intensity, Total Sound Level, Reverberation Distance, a New Discussion of Steady State Intensity and Other Experimental Formulae
In this publication we include all, or almost all, the valid formulas of sound levels in different types of rooms. We will explain all the theoretical basis of each of them, starting with reflected intensity, both classical and revised theories, the total sound level and its uses in concert venues. We will also deal with empirical formulas mainly for classrooms, churches and religious buildings and industrial use. However, the main significance of this work is not only the wide range of formulas exposed but also that we have found the explanation of why the reverberation radius, or distance radius...
Classrooms with shorter reverberation times lead to a much better signal-to-noise ratio while requiring less vocal effort from teachers
The study presented here is the most extensive, systematic study to examine the impact of reducing reverberation in a working school environment. By installing varying acoustic treatments in three similar classrooms it has been possible to investigate the true effects of different acoustics in occupied schoolrooms. The three classrooms, plus an untreated room, were compared both objectively through acoustic measurements and subjectively through surveying the opinions of pupils, teachers and other adults. The results demonstrate conclusively the benefits to all of improving the acoustic environment...
Les forts niveaux acoustiques présents dans les piscines intérieures poussent les personnes qui souhaitent communiquer à être plus bruyant individuellement (effet Lombard)
En effet, une meilleure qualité acoustique des piscines intérieures diminuerait le niveau de bruit grâce `s ls réduction de la réverbération,mais aussi grâce à celle du niveau sonore généré par chaque personne. Les piscines intérieures sont des lieux où la communication est primordiale, que ce soit pour l'enseignement, pour la diffusion de consignes de sécurité, mais aussi pour la communication entre surveillants en cas d'accident, par exemple. Les auteurs ont mesuré le niveau d'exposition...

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