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Working in preschool increases the risk of hearing-related symptoms
A cohort study among Swedish women Purpose: To assess whether working in preschools increases the risk of hearing-related symptoms and whether age, occupational noise, and stressful working conditions affect the risk. Methods: Questionnaire data on hearing-related symptoms were analysed in women aged 24–65 (4718 preschool teachers, and 4122 randomly selected general population controls). Prevalence and risk ratio (RR) of self-reported hearing loss, tinnitus, difficulty perceiving speech, hyperacusis and sound-induced auditory fatigue were assessed by comparing the cohorts in relation to age...
Use of moulded hearing protectors by child care workers
An interventional pilot study Background: Employees of a multi-site institution for children and adolescents started to wear moulded hearing protectors (MHPs) during working hours, as they were suffering from a high level of noise exposure. It was agreed with the institutional physician and the German Institution for Statutory Accident Insurance and Prevention in the Health and Welfare Services (BGW) that this presented an opportunity to perform a scientific study to investigate potential beneficial effects on risk of burnout and subjective noise exposure at work when child care workers wear MHPs...
Noise and communication: A three-year update
Noise is omnipresent and impacts us all in many aspects of daily living. Noise can interfere with communication not only in industrial workplaces, but also in other work settings (e.g. open-plan offices, construction, and mining) and within buildings (e.g. residences, arenas, and schools). The interference of noise with communication can have significant social consequences, especially for persons with hearing loss, and may compromise safety (e.g. failure to perceive auditory warning signals), influence worker productivity and learning in children, affect health (e.g. vocal pathology, noise-induced...
Hearing, sound fatigue and annoyance highly affected employees at the preschools.
Hearing impairments and tinnitus are being reported in an increasing extent from employees in the preschool. The investigation included 101 employees at 17 preschools in Umeå County, Sweden. Individual noise recordings and stationary recordings in dining rooms and play halls were conducted at two departments per preschool. The effects of noise exposures were carried out through audiometric screenings and by use of questionnaires. The average individual noise exposure was close to 71 dB (A), with individual differences but small differences between the preschools. The noise levels in the dining...
Using a Starter Pistol, generates 166dB impulse noise (peak )at 0.5m
At the shooters ear a blocked barrel .22 caliber Starter Pistol produces significantly higher sound pressure levels (7-18dB) than a comparable .22 caliber pistol, regardless of ammunition. Use of hearing protection is required for shooter. Closest athletes and potentially some spectators are at risk according to current NIOSH and WHO sound exposure guidelines. Using a Starter Pistol, which generates 166dB at 0.5m, the shooter will have to be 256 meters(!!) or ~280 yards away from the athletes to adhere to Electronic Starter requirements. Starter Pistols and/or Blanks are used for high school, university...

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