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Nodal control of grass trimmer handle vibration
Imposing node technique is applied to the grass trimmer shaft in order to achieve very low vibration (node) at the handle location. The optimum tuning frequencies of the two tuned vibration absorbers (TVAs) attached at 0.74L and 0.85L along the shaft of the grass trimmer are determined using the imposing node technique. Transverse deflection, experimental modal analysis and operating deflection shape analysis of the grass trimmer were carried out, and the results indicated that nearly zero deflection (node) was induced at the position very close the loop handle location. Moreover, the vibration...
Vibrations au corps entier : Les conducteurs de transpalettes électriques se portent mieux
Dans le cadre des travaux du Réseau prévention sur la limitation des vibrations au poste de travail, l’INRS a mené une étude portant sur les transpalettes électriques à conducteur porté. Une problématique que certaines entreprises prennent également en compte lors de l’acquisition de transpalettes. Le niveau de vibrations subies par le cariste dépend d’abord de l’engin qu’il conduit, mais également de l’état des sols, de sa posture, de sa façon de conduire. Source : Travail...
Study recommandations to greatly reduce the transmission of vertical vibration to the operator.
Vibratory soil compactors are articulated vehicles designed to achieve efficient compaction of the soil and road base-layers through a vibratory drum/roller integrating an unbalanced rotating mass. The low frequency whole-body vibration are directly transmitted to the operator through the driver seat, which in the vast majority of the vehicles employed in Québec is limited to a polyurethane foam cushion. The results of this study suggest that the seat and the cabin mounts amplify the low frequency vibration for all the vehicles considered but this amplification is limited for the 13-ton...
Handle types on the commonly used grass trimmer reaches the exposure limit value for daily vibration exposure.
The portable petrol driven grass trimmer is identified as a type of machine whose operator can be subjected to large magnitude of hand-arm vibration. The vibration total level on the handle of grass trimmer of 11.30 m/s 2 was measured, and it has reached the exposure limit value of 5.0 m/s 2 for daily vibration exposure A(8). Operators were not fully aware of the level of vibration. Different prototype handles were tested; one that is made of heavier material results in the lowest hand-arm vibration. The new handle has significantly reduced the vibration total value by 76% compare with the existing...
A variety of problem-solving noise and vibration tools are at the engineer’s disposal to improve the product development process for noise and vibration
This article captures the strategies involved in addressing a system-level sound and vibration concern late in the design cycle . A noise and vibration problem often shows itself very late in the design cycle or even after the product has been released. Noise and vibration issues can generally be separated into two categories: a problem caused by lack of compliance to a regulation or specification; or the product does not perform adequately in-situ , causing sound or vibration quality (SVQ) concerns. Measurements must be made on the product during the appropriate operating conditions, and focus...

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