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While awaiting the new EPA's labeling regulation, train users to fit protectors correctly
EPA's final rule regarding hearing protection labeling is still pending. The proposed rule changes the very heart of the Noise Reduction Rating (NRR). The new NRR will be a range that is reported from very different testing methods than the old (current) NRR. These proposed labels do provide more information for the consumer but might also lead to some confusion. Knowing what kind of hearing protectors are best for a given situation will help understand the information provided on the new labels. The proposed method for labeling hearing protector includes the obvious but often misunderstood...
Traitement acoustique des locaux de travail
Le local a un rôle déterminant dans l'exposition au bruit des travailleurs. Par sa réverbération, il augmente le bruit provenant des machines et affecte tout l'espace de travail. Le code du travail fixe les caractéristiques minimales que doivent présenter les locaux. Ce document rappelle quelques aspects techniques, décrit comment qualifier un local, précise les exigences réglementaires et explique le principe et la mise en oeuvre du traitement acoustique d'un local. Ce document annule et remplace la fiche pratique de sécurité...
Effects of vibration at workplaces
Characteristic values of hand-arm and whole-body vibration The effects of vibration when working with handheld and hand-guided devices (Hand-Arm Vibration – HAV) and when driving mobile work machines and vehicles (Whole-Body Vibrations – WBV) can endanger the health and safety of employees. Damage to bones and joints and circulatory problems in the hand and arm systems as well as disc damage to the spine as a result of the effects of vibrations are recognised occupational diseases. Since the entry into force of the EC Vibration Protection Directive 2002/44/ EC in 2002 there has been...

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