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Promoting Hearing Health among Fire Fighters
Exposure to high noise levels among fire fighters is well documented and increases the risk for noise-induced hearing loss. NIOSH recommends measures to promote better hearing health through the use of quieter equipment, better work practices, hearing protection devices, and implementation of effective hearing loss prevention programs. Source :
Noise-Induced Hearing Loss : Scientific Advances
Exposure to loud noise continues to be the largest cause of hearing loss in the adult population. The problem of NIHL impacts a number of disciplines. US standards for permissible noise exposure were originally published in 1968 and remain largely unchanged today. Indeed, permissible noise exposure for US personnel is significantly greater than that allowed in numerous other countries, including for example, Canada, China, Brazil, Mexico, and the European Union. However, there have been a number of discoveries and advances that have increased our understanding of the mechanisms of NIHL. These advances...
“Hearing Conservation Programs” are not an adequate substitute for engineering and administrative controls.
Noise induced hearing loss is still too prevalent in American workplaces as the attempts at “hearing conservation programs” have proven inadequate. The author explains that the American workers have been the subjects in what has been largely a failed experiment for 28 years. Hearing protection devices are neither an efficient nor a humane replacement for eliminating the noise hazard and should once again be allotted their proper place in the control hierarchy. Several studies have found widespread and serious gaps in compliance with requirements such as audiometric testing, training...
Suisse : succès impressionnant: depuis 1971, le nombre des lésions auditives est passé de 37 à 8 %
En Suisse, environ 200 000 personnes sont exposées, dans le cadre de leur activité professionnelle, à du bruit pouvant mettre en danger l'ouïe. Des stations d'examen mobiles ou audiomobiles se déplacent dans toute la Suisse pour examiner tous les travailleurs exposés au bruit dangereux pour l'ouïe dans le cadre de leur activité professionnelle, par exemple les ouvriers forestiers, les serruriers, les menuisiers, les agents de police et, depuis 1987, les musiciens d'orchestre. Les examens de contrôle réguliers, le conseil...

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