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Association Between Farm Machinery Operation and Low Back Disorder in Farmers
A Retrospective Cohort Study Objective: The association between whole body vibration (WBV) as measured by annual accumulated use of all-terrain vehicles (ATV)/combine/tractor operation and low back disorders (LBDs) among farmers was investigated. Methods: Saskatchewan Farm Injury Cohort Study data was used. Baseline data were collected in 2007 on the three vehicle types and other factors. Follow-up data on LBD symptoms were collected during 2013 resulting in 1149 samples. Results: Adjusted for age, education, and gender, LBDs were associated with tractor operation for 1 to 150 hours/year (Relative...
Whole-body vibration in agriculture
This information sheet outlines the risk of developing back pain from whole-body vibration (WBV) in agriculture and provides an explanation what you can do to reduce exposure to it.

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