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Driving an unloaded bucket resulted in significantly higher levels of vibration exposure than with a loaded bucket.
Although it is not possible to conclude that high levels of WBV exposure were the only cause of the reported neck and back discomfort, vibration levels experienced by the underground mining load-haul-dump ( LHD) operators indicated health risks were likely to develop, with a higher probability of injury to the back. Analysis of all operators’ injury profiles and their vibration profiles will be important in future studies in order to determine whether these variables are related. The mining industry will need to consider a number of different intervention strategies to have an impact on injury...
Une étude de l’INRS passe les transpalettes au crible
Le niveau vibratoire élevé auquel les conducteurs de transpalettes électriques sont soumis impose la mise en place d’actions de prévention. Tel est le constat de l’INRS à la suite d’une étude de comportement de 6 TEP (transpalettes électriques à conducteur porté). L es conducteurs de charriots sont plus souvent que les autres salariés soumis à des risques de lombalgies et autres mots de dos, de sciatiques, de radiculalgies crurales, de microtraumatismes de la colonne vertébrale… L’étude...
Whole-Body Vibration - Building Awareness in Safety, Health & Environment
Issues in the U.S. include inadequate professional awareness and knowledge of WBV, limited exposure assessment data and lack of mandatory standards. Whether transmitted during standing or sitting, whole-body vibration (WBV) is a hazardous exposure that is common in many occupational settings. It can lead to low-back pain and lost time in occupational environments. Yet, as often as it may occur, a recent survey revealed that issues surrounding WBV are not known to many SH&E professionals. However, implementing practices such as seat redesign and exposure assessments can address this knowledge...

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